Professional Drone Services

For our valued clients, we provide a wide-ranging and overarching selection of professional drone services to cover everything from commercial and residential development to marketing.


Commercial Inspections

Building inspections are tedious, time consuming, and meticulous. It is often easy to overlook a minute detail that could end up forcing a building owner or operator to spend large amounts of money to remedy after the fact.

With our Commercial Inspections service, you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing. Our drones are versatile, agile, and capable enough to fit into every nook and cranny. This way, you can be sure that when you inspect your new commercial space, it’s a thorough and detailed-ridden inspection. No surprises here!

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Residential Development & 3D MODELLING

Here at Digital Soldiers, we’ve effectively transformed urban and suburban planning and development through our use of drones and 3D modelling. By capturing footage and images in stunning HD quality, our team of experts are able to compile and generate a full to-scale 3D model of a residential land development.

By simply gaining a new perspective through our use of drones, we are able to hone in on minute details when generating a 3D model that developers may not have caught on their first survey. Our process for residential development is quick, simple, and most importantly, effective.