Aerial Photography

The world is changing, isn’t it?

Each and every day, new cutting-edge and innovative technologies get announced, piloted, and become available for sale through a plethora of consumerist avenues. Within recent years, drones have become immensely popular for flight enthusiasts, videographers, photographers, and media companies. Likewise, drones have become popular amongst law enforcement, disaster relief and search and rescue services.

The versatility that drones provide users have effectively paved the way for a new perspective that has seemed to evade human beings for as long as history can tell us – an easily accessible bird’s eye view.

Here at Digital Soldiers, we provide expert Aerial Photography and Videography services in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and beyond, through the use of professional drones to provide a different point of view. 

Digital Soldiers bring a different angle on normal photography work, we will elevate your next project.

Here at Digital Soldiers, we utilise the most cutting-edge gear when it comes to drone photography to produce and provide a number of different services for our valued clients. Whether it be drone inspections of wind turbines, a property inspection or creating a promotional video with a new perspective, Digital Soldiers can get the job done.


DS London Site drone job.jpg

Commercial Inspections

Providing drone services to help inspect commercial building’s from the bottom up. By utilising modern drone technology, we can more adequately, effectively and efficiently inspect roofs, gutters, foundations and upper-level features that may have otherwise gone unseen under traditional building inspection methods.

Phantom 4 RTK.jpg


For developers, surveying land for suitable development plans is a tedious process. Here at Digital Soldiers, we provide a cutting-edge and innovative solution, creating 3D models using footage and images shot from our drones. Quickly and easily receive a 3D model of your residential land development in stunning HD quality.

DS drone job .jpg

Promo Video

Drones don’t have to be all business. Here at Digital Soldiers, we can work together to create an exciting and engaging promotional video for your business, property, product or service. Providing a unique perspective not commonly seen in promotional videos, and in stunning HD quality.


Aerial Videos

Spice up your latest promotional videos by providing a new perspective. Our team of experts can film, edit, and produce your new promotional video using exclusive drone technology. Your new promotional videos will be the talk of the market – we guarantee it. Show off your business with Digital Soldiers today. 

DJI m210 in flight.jpeg
Phantom 4 RTK
Dji M210 on the Ground .jpeg
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Aerial Images

In addition to video, our drones have the capability of capturing high-quality photographs that can be used for a number of different purposes. For instance, work with Digital Soldiers to develop exciting and engaging images for graphics, advertisements, logos, web pages, etc. Digital Soldiers provide Aerial Photography from Wiltshire across the rest of the UK.


Avebury Stones from above